Hi Finance Token Review

Hi.com is a cryptocurrency wallet provider with interest, centralized exchange, social media integration, and token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Written By Garrett Mckeown, Founder of Market Watch and Freelance Crypto Journalist



Do I use the Hi Finance Protocol?

Yes, I am earning free Hi daily by answering one simple question per day.

Do I own Hi?

Yes, I plan on doing my dailies and stacking Hi, eventually using them as a banking platform.

Am I paid by Hi for this review?

No, I was recommended Hi by an investor.


Hi brings traditional banking into the future by providing the benefits and profit to the user. Traditional banks are no less than criminals who steal and provide to incentive to give them your money. Hi intends to solve that by providing users with a simple banking solution requiring only a telephone number to use. Hold and earn interest on cryptos such as BTC, ETH, BNB, exchange currencies with no friction or fees, and eventually send crypto to your peers through communication apps like telegram.


The hi Dollar is a membership token used to access the services offered by hi. Members can earn or buy hi Dollars and then access services and benefits based on their membership tier.

Type: Centralized ERC-20 Token

Chain: Ethereum

Supply Cap: None

Transfer Fees: None


Code Security

Social Media




Overall Rating

Hi is an interesting project with a strong team and good fundamentals. They offer some cool features integrated into the social apps and in the future if they implement social messaging fund transfers then that would be a game changer. Unfortunately, having the go through KYC to withdraw, sign up with your phone number, and the year long wait on being able to exchange your hi makes remove one a half stars. For other people these things may be considered a positive.

3.5/5 Stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.



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Hi Finance Token Review by MarketWatch