Preparing For Launch

Token Launch Strategies for a Successful Moon Mission

So you’ve found a pre launch project that is worth throwing some money into. Now you are probably counting every second waiting for a contract address to ape into – only to find yourself receiving pancake errors, slippages, and other slowdowns keeping you from your 10x.

To prevent this and to maximize results we will cover everything you need to know to prepare for a project launch.

What You Need (Flight List)

Proficiency with these applications should be achieved before engaging in a token launch.

  • Crypto Wallet that can Interact with Web3 applications (We recommend MetaMask)
  • On Chain Native Currency to Pay for Fees Across the Network (Binance Network requires BNB and Ethereum network requires ETH)
  • Telegram Account
  • Poocoin Tab
  • Calculator
  • Pen and Paper

Setting the Table

Getting everything prepared before a token is made public is essential to success. Emotional decisions during high stress investments often results in losing money. Preparation is key to managing your emotions and sticking to a plan.

  • Web Browser
    Open and organize all tabs on a fresh window.
  • Timer
    Set a timer for when the project launches. Sometimes this information is not available or an exact time is not given. Some projects run a timer in their telegram group and some projects set a launch block on chain which can be tracked through bscscan.
  • Inputs
    Input any information you will need beforehand. Purchase amounts, login information, questions, etc…
  • Close all Open Programs
    Close anything that isn’t going to help make you money.
  • Calculator, Pen, Paper
    Using a calculator, a pen, and paper is the fastest way to log information and take notes. You can’t remember everything and there will be a lot of numbers you want to record. Consider taking photos as well for fast references.
  • Slippage
    Setting the slippage within Pancakeswap to 20% will considerably increase the odds that your transaction is complete. Slippages need to be raised in volatile markets.
  • Personal Rituals
    Do the things in life that make you calm and focused. For some people it might be a cup of coffee, a clean room, or a workout. Find your happy place.

Ready, Set, Go

Prices move quickly during token launches. Here are some examples of launches with the potential to make large returns with preparation and speed. To get in early on these graphs make sure you have everything ready pre launch, wait in the telegram group for a legitimate contract address, and quickly copy and paste the address into an exchange to swap.

Promotion – Sugar Rush Launch – August 16th, 2021

Types of Launches

  • Fair Launch
    A fair launch is the current gold standard of crypto launches. A fair launch is when liquidity is added to the token and swaps can be made for everyone across the board at the same time. Fair launches limit the amount of potential foul play and level the playing field as best as possible but are still suspect to deviancy.
  • Pre Sale
    Pre sales are when a portion of the token supply is sold prior to the public release. This allows a smaller group of people to get in on early prices while others must wait for the public release. Pre sales aren’t fair to every investor by design. By getting into a pre sale you may be able to make some profit if the project succeeds at its public offering at the risk of knowing investors are less likely to buy a coin which had a pre sale.
  • White List
    A white list is a form of presale where a list of investors is made usually through completing criteria who are then able to participate in a pre sale of tokens. The criteria to enter whitelists are usually following social medias, filling surveys, participating in events like giveaways, shilling, etc… this is to benefit those who promoted the project before release.
  • Pre Farm
    In rare cases projects will establish a special pool where you can stake token X for payouts in token Y, where token Y is a market tradable coin which will then be redeemed 1:1 with the new to be released token. So investors have an opportunity to farm a token which will be public at a later date. This style can make sense if a farming project is going from layer 1 to layer 2 and issuing a new token.
  • ICO
    Ethereum started the crypto space race with the ICO boom of 2017. An ICO is an Initial Coin Offering and can have a variety of launch styles in itself. In general an amount of coins are offered at a sale price then the rest of the coins are minted through a mining/staking process.
  • IFO
    Decentralized Exchanges such as PancakeSwap offer their platforms as launchpads for new projects to fundraise. Investors participate by adding capital in advance to purchase from a limited amount of tokens during the sale.
  • Stealth Launch
    A stealth is simply a project that launches with no marketing or promotions.


Competition is a double edged sword, without it there is no money to be made, but it also means there is always someone else looking to capitalize off of your mistakes – and sometimes that person is you.

  • Other Investors
    Everyone wants the same thing, to buy low and sell high.
  • Bots
    Bots are written to scan blockchains, social apps, and the internet for new contracts and buy before your human skin and bones can react.
  • Insiders
    Insider trading is and always will be a part of investing. Everyone is currently operating on some level of knowledge and there are people with way more of it than you and they knew it before you. Developers, and potentially anybody on the team is sharing information with others before it goes public. There isn’t really anything you can do about it but try and get access to the best information you can. Join groups, be active, be the person people want to tell inside information to. Be an asset and be trustworthy. There ARE inside circles where information is passed, you DO have to compete with that.
  • Your Emotions
    If other investors, bots, and insiders aren’t enough competition for you… say hello to yourself. Have a plan before investing, have a plan b, and have an exit strategy. Stick to your plan to curb emotional decision making. Follow basic investing principles and watch the charts for your entry/exit points.

Common Scams

Whenever money is being moved there are people trying to steal it from you. Keep an eye out for these common scams surrounding launches. We can break scammers down into two groups for now – the first are those who use legitimate projects as an environment to prey on, and the second being that the project itself is a scam of some form.

  • Fake Contract Addresses
    Scammers will often post fake contract addresses in group chats minutes or seconds before the official contract is launched. Because launches are time sensitive and people are competing for early buys, investors can become victims by acting emotionally and using the first contract they see. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, always use contract addresses from official members, from pinned messages, or from the projects main page. Scammers will create fake accounts and fake groups to spread fake contracts, always double check.
  • Fake Groups and Accounts
    Be on the lookout for fake groups and accounts. They will be using the same names and logos as the official project, they will be using the names of the mods, admins, and devs of the official project. Usually they will be pretending to be a customer service or support agent who will try to get your private key in some way or another. To protect yourself remember not to talk to strangers and NEVER give out your private key.
  • Rugpulls
    There are common signs and symptoms that present themselves before a project Rugs. Assess every project through a set of test’s to determine the voracity of a project, any project can be a rug. If you need help determining a gem from a rug click here.


There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of people trying to get a lower price than you. Practice and prepare yourself before hand to beat out the competition. Familiarize yourself with the process through research and participation in as many launches as you can.

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